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Orange Dragonne® Team

As an engineering and design company from the heavy steam and power industry, Premier Energy, Inc. has entered the fight against the HLB disease applying the proven method of thermal therapy. With the cooperation of our partners in Florida, we have designed and tested our commercial steam machine, the Orange Dragonne®, to rapidly treat a wide variety of HLB infected citrus trees.

We employ a mobile team of professionals who arrive
on site to train operators in using the Orange Dragonne® equipment and provide field assistance. We handle all logistical services from setup to tear down, providing a hassle-free, turn-key experience at economical rates.

Our Team Effort

Premier Energy, Inc has established a network of resource partners in the citrus industry and the local community and has collaborated with the following groups:

  • University of Florida
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • Division of Plant Industry in the Florida Department of Agriculture
  • Statewide Harvesting & Hauling, LLC.
  • Dun-D Citrus Growers Association

Orange Dragonne® systems are commercially available now.

Call us today at 770-592-1398 to begin healing your trees.