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Tree Cycle Threshold

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Orange Dragonne® Case History

  • Over 80,000 trees have received the benefits of the Orange Dragonne® thermal therapy treatment across the state of Florida.
  • Fruit size and quality are greatly improved.
  • No drop of existing fruit from the tree resulting in Orange Dragonne® thermal therapy treatment.
  • New flush begins to develop 10 to 14 days after the Orange Dragonne® thermal therapy treatment.
  • qPCR test analysis of the new flush shows minimal bacteria exists following the Orange Dragonne® treatment, thus allowing the tree to produce natural, healthy fruit unimpeded by citrus greening.
  • Softened water is used for the heating process with no chemicals added.

Orange Dragonne® Thermal Therapy Treatments Provide:

  • Vibrant flush
  • Increased fruit size
  • Increased yield
  • Improved fruit quality (BRIX)
  • Decreased fruit drop

The conventional qPCR tests were performed in the lab of Dr. Xiaoan Sun, Ph.D. from the Florida Division of Plant Industry.

Orange Dragonne® systems are commercially available now.

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