Orange Dragonne® Equipment & Services


Premier Energy, Inc. has designed the Orange Dragonne® thermal therapy treatment system with advanced control technology to fight HLB Citrus Greening. Our equipment is the preferred choice for the scientific community based on its reliability and process consistency. The product design provides two different canopy sizes to address multiple on-site grove needs. The Orange Dragonne® is the only commercially available system with proven performance.


Premier Energy, Inc. provides full service of our equipment across the state of Florida, using only certified operators. All components are delivered to your site, serviced and then removed when treatment is completed for a hassle-free, turn-key experience.

Orange Dragonne® systems are commercially available now.

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The Orange Dragonne® Model PE-D050

The Orange Dragonne® thermal therapy treatment system is built on a stainless steel platform that includes a programmable logic controller (PLC), soft water tanks (800 gallon capacity), a gasoline electric generator, a diesel powered heating system, and automated control valves and instrumentation. An easy-to-use touchscreen computer is mounted beside the operator for ease of access and just one touch of the screen starts the cycle. The automated control system handles the rest. It’s that simple.


The Orange Dragonne® 10 – Foot Canopy Model PE-C100

This specially designed canopy measures 10 feet high X 10 feet in diameter. The canopy is connected to the end of the hydraulic boom and permits free, dynamic movement at every angle. Strategically positioned nozzles located inside the canopy’s perimeter direct the flow of heat for a completely homogenous mist that evenly envelops the tree during treatment. The shell of the canopy is made of high strength, heat resistant material that does not allow thermal penetration, offering maximum efficiency for time and cost savings. After the day’s work is done, the canopy conveniently collapses on itself. There’s no need for teardown or disassembly. Lay-up and storage is made easy.

The Orange Dragonne® 7 – Foot Canopy Model PE-C070

The sides of this cube-shaped canopy measure 7 feet in length and is an excellent alternative for treating solid blocks of young trees. Like the PE-C100, the PE-C070 has the same lightweight shell material and easily collapses for storage. This canopy uses fewer nozzles than the PE-C100 model and reduces overall cost per tree, offering maximum efficiency for time and cost savings.

The Orange Dragonne® Water Softener Trailer Model PE-W650

The PE-D050 Orange Dragonne® must have its water storage tanks filled prior to going to work in the field. This is where the PE-W650 Water Softener Trailer is introduced. The high capacity ion exchange resin water softener is mounted to a light trailer and is positioned near a centrally located well pump. The softener removes calcium and magnesium in the water and prolongs the life of the equipment. This versatile, high volume water softener safely handles the well pump discharge pressure and flows up to 100 gallons per minute, so there is no added downtime during routine fill-ups. The Orange Dragonne® is positioned next to the water softener and is connected with a supplied hose. The tank filling process takes less than 15 minutes.