About Premier Energy

Based in Woodstock, Georgia. Premier Energy, Inc. is changing the way agriculture, oil and gas, food service, steel, automotive, and independent power producers address their steam and utility challenges.

flow_smallThe Company’s three subsidiaries – Premier Energy Services, Premier Energy Technology and Premier Energy Resources – focus on strong environmentally friendly products, services and investments that leverage the principles of legacy steam technology.

Committed to delivering innovation, Premier Energy, Inc. collaborates with clients and partners to develop high-performance businesses. With deep industry and engineering process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, Premier Energy, Inc. can provide the right people, skills, and technologies to boost our clients’ business.

Among the many strengths that distinguish Premier Energy, Inc. in the marketplace are our:

  • Extensive industry expertise.
  • Broad and evolving service offerings.
  • Expansive partner network.
  • History of technology innovation and implementation, including our research and development capabilities.
  • Proven and experienced management team.