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Restore Citrus Trees Infected with HLB Citrus Greening

Worldwide Huanglongbing (HLB) or Citrus Greening is one of the most devastating citrus plant diseases in history and Premier Energy is winning the battle against the destructive citrus greening disease.

The Orange Dragonne®

The Orange Dragonne’s® advanced thermal therapy treatment system and specially designed equipment is transforming infected citrus trees into lush, healthy groves with high producing citrus trees.

The Orange Dragonne® treats an average of 25 & 45 trees per hour utilizing either our 10-foot canopy or our 7-foot canopy, respectively. The Orange Dragonne® creates a steam environment where heat is evenly distributed throughout the tree with optimal temperature control via a fully automated process which attacks the disease with uniform force. Citrus growers soon realize their ability to harvest groves to their maximum potential producing great yields once again.

Orange Dragonne® systems are commercially available now.

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